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Greek Island Summer School with Elisabeth Brooke




12/06/2024 - 19/06/2024


8 days

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Questions Questions - Horary Astrology

Did you know there was a whole branch of astrology related to answering questions? Horary astrology uses precise rules which can give yes or no answers to questions. Horary is a great tool in the astrologer’s toolkit as it provides both practical solutions and awareness into deeper motives. Horary astrology can give good timing measures, show directions, offer advice on decisions, and answer the real question a person is asking.

During the four-day course we will cover the following:

The rules of Horary, if a chart is ‘radical or not’ and what the planets, signs and houses mean. Fixed stars, important degrees, time, and distance and when a chart cannot be read.

Questions about property and houses; Questions about theft and loss; Questions about education; Questions about work, career, and status; Questions about health and which common remedies which are indicated.

No previous knowledge assumed. My classes are always mixed level which I have found an enriching format for both newcomers and those who have some knowledge as we can share not only our astrological knowledge but our life experience.

Students are encouraged to bring a question to the group which we will answer as a group. My teaching style is collaborative, there will be lots of opportunity for discussion and questions and the content will be aimed at the level of the students.

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Elisabeth Brooke

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