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Magical Herbalism with Elisabeth Brooke


Birmingham & online 2pm





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Elisabeth Brooke will be exploring Magical Herbalism and Astrology with the Birmingham Astrology Group.

Astrology and herbs can be used to promote health and wellbeing. Until the 17th century, Astrology and Herbal Medicine were practiced together. Subsequently, medicine became a science and not an art and the sacred was removed from medicine.

Herbs are assigned to planets and have actions which represent one of the four temperaments, Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. Your Temperament can be calculated from your horoscope.

Sickness, and which herbs to take for minor ailments, are determined using the Decumbiture chart. Elisabeth will be using material from her book, 'Western Traditional Herbal Medicine.'

Elisabeth Brooke qualified as a herbalist in 1980. She studied Horary and Decumbiture with Maggie Hyde and Geoffrey Cornelius of the Company of Astrologers and counselling with Diana Whitmore and Piero Ferrucci at The Psychosynthesis and Education Trust

She has published 9 books, including:
As Above So Below - Traditional Western Herbal Medicine (2019),
Goddess Astrology (2022)
A Woman's Book of Herbs (1992, 2019).

Her practice is focused on preventative medicine, using temperaments, decumbiture charts, herbs and positive psychology. She lectures and teaches worldwide including at the Greek Island Summer School.

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