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Botanica Obscura Conference 2024




08/03/2024 - 10/03/2024


3 days

Extra Info

The Botanica Obscura Conference is a three-day online gathering of herbalists, plant medicine practitioners, green witches, alchemists, botanists and other plant-passionate people from around the world. This event seeks to connect with people and plants and facilitate community and resource sharing between plant practitioners of all kinds. This event includes:

- Live presentations which are all recorded and additional content is made available via google drive for one year.
- Plant People Discussion Panel: a group of conference presenters get together and talk about topics of interest to the green practitioner and answer questions from attendees.
- Book Giveaways! Many of the presenters are also published authors.

Aeon author Josh Williams will be hosting a presentation on his work with The Green Man, a primordial deity who haunts the green world and keeps the ways of plant and path.

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The Poisoner's Apothecary by Coby Michael

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