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Into the Power Portal - An Evening with Vaginal Health Herbalist Kathie Bishop







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Aeon Education is delighted to have author and vaginal health herbalist Kathie Bishop MNIMH give a solid introduction to the topic of her book ‘It’s Your Power Portal: Take Control of Your Vaginal Health with Herbal and Holistic Care’.

And this evening will be no different, with Kathie giving the low down on vaginal anatomy and physiology, the new paradigm of vaginal therapeutics and some helpful approaches to common problems - helpful for herbalists that see patients with vaginas as well as those who have them!

The evening will include:
- An Introduction to Vaginal Health
- Vaginal Anatomy & Physiology 101
- The Vaginal Microbiome
- The new therapeutic paradigm and why repeated OTC remedies may not be working
- Helpful approaches to common problems
- A chance to get all your burning questions answered!

We hope you will join us for this easy introduction to a topic which is fast becoming one you can’t afford to ignore!

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