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Herbal Entrepreneur Conference 2024




17/03/2024 - 23/03/2024


1 week

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Join Margi Flint in the 6th annual Herbal Entrepreneur Conference!

A week-long online event for herbalists who want to start a business doing what they love with plants. Join an incredible lineup of speakers with some of the very successful herbal business owners to share their best tips, strategies, and ideas to help you to start your own herbal business.

You’ll hear from real life herbalists who are making an income from their herbal work like Rosemary Gladstar, Sajah Popham, Maria Noel Groves, Margi Flint, Olatokunboh Obasi, Nico Lebreux and many more! The insights and tips that they share on the conference are so useful for someone starting (or growing) an herbal business.

You won’t want to miss this! And it’s all coming to you FREE in the Herbal Entrepreneur Conference!

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