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The Living History of Herbal Medicine with Dylan Warren-Davis




21/05/2024 - 17/12/2024


1 Seminar Per Month, for 8 Months

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Join Aeon Education for the Living History of Herbal Medicine.

This event is an 8-part series weaving herbs and their history together to bring you a whole new understanding of herbal medicine. The first seminar will be aired on 21st May at 7pm. The following seminars will be aired on the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm and you will then be able to watch them anytime on the course platform.

Herbalist, astrologer and alchemist Dylan Warren-Davis will be your guide on this journey through the uses of select herbs, unlocking the secrets passed down through generations of herbalists.

Dylan will be sharing:
- The key herbs that have made a profound contribution to the Western Herbal tradition, each herb a testament to the wisdom of our ancestors.
- The different traditions from Egyptians to Anglo-Saxons that have contributed to the philosophy of European herbal medicine.
- The metaphysical properties of common herbs

You can expect to learn the connections between the astrology, alchemy and the hidden wisdom that can be found from the history of herbal medicine. You will understand the medicine of plants more by knowing their stories and traditional uses, and will connect with the herbal forebears that held this knowledge. You will leave with a deeper understanding of familiar herbs and meet less popular, but no less powerful, Western herbs.

Be a part of this extraordinary journey and embark on a voyage through the ages.

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