Practical Iridology

Using the Eye as a Guide to Health Risks and Wellbeing

By (author) Peter Jackson-Main

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  • Publisher : Aeon Books
  • Published : November 2023
  • Cover : Paperback
  • Pages : 324
  • Size : 170mm(w) x 244mm(h)
  • Catalogue No : 95216
  • ISBN 13 : 9781801521154
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How to use the iris of the eye as a diagnostic medical tool

The human iris provides a unique window into our bodies, offering clues to our past, present, and future health.

Its related science—iridology—allows us to assess our wellbeing and provides pathways to follow to ensure we remain physically and emotionally fit.

Iridologist and herbalist Peter Jackson-Main demonstrates just how easy it is for readers to make use of this diagnostic tool.

With just a small flashlight and a mirror, you can begin to compare your eyes with the dozens shown in this book, learning about your constitution and how you can avoid potential health problems

In this revised and expanded edition, Practical Iridology also explains what the colours and markings of your eyes reveal; details dietary and exercise routines for different iris types; provides a visual glossary of the different iris signs; and offers guidance in preparing remedies.

About the author

By (author) Peter Jackson-Main

Peter Jackson Main began his enquiry into natural healing soon after leaving Cambridge University in the mid-70s, prompted by his own health issues.

Before finding the The College of Herbs and Natural Healing and training in Herbal Medicine and Iridology, Peter had already found and trained in Reflexology, Massage and Aromatherapy, Polarity Therapy and other modalities of energy healing. He later completed a Master of Sciences.

Peter has worked extensively within the herbal and naturopathic community to promote the self-determination of the profession and navigate the legislative environment surrounding the use of natural medicines.

He was a co-founder in 1995, and long-serving chairman of the Association of Master Herbalists, and has also represented herbal and natural medicine on key government consultations and working groups. Peter is currently Chair of the General Naturopathic Council and is a Fellow of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists.

He is currently Senior Lecturer and Course Director for Herbal Medicine, Academic Director and Head of Research at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

Peter is also a working musician with a back-catalogue of self-penned recordings, as well as a specialist interest in Arabian music, playing percussion in an Arab Takht ensemble.

Reviews & Endorsements

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Dr. Richard Schulze, ND, founder of Natural Healing Clinic and Dr. Schulze’s Herbal Products Company on 29/11/2023

“Peter’s work on iridology is just the way I like it: commonsense, simple, and practical. After all, what good is any clinical tool if the end result is not the patient learning more about themselves, so they can adjust their lifestyle to get more quality and quantity out of life. Peter’s work helps the patient learn more about themselves, so they can fine-tune their lifestyle and make better choices, to get the most out of life.”

Toni Miller, ND, DHM, MII, CCII, Fellow Ir, leading iridology teacher, researcher, lecturer, and author of 'The Integrated Iridology Textbook' on 29/11/2023

“Through his extensive experience, as both an iridology practitioner and a gifted teacher, Peter has skilfully reorganised the teachings of past masters into a contemporary framework. With thoughtful diagnostic questions and practical recommendations, he eloquently explains that once we grasp the true essence of the iris, it can serve as a profound insight into both the inner reality of a person and the external manifestation of bodily ailments. Practical Iridology represents a milestone in the field of iridology. Readers will undoubtedly find themselves captivated by the transformative potential of this ancient art and science.”

M Salim Khan, President of The Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International on 29/11/2023

Practical Iridology, revised and expanded, distils Peter Jackson-Main’s extensive clinical and teaching experience over forty-five years. This is a trusted and easy-to-use book that affirms the uniqueness of each individual and empowers them to manage their health. In his unique and elegant style, Peter provides a range of natural, safe, and easy healing protocols. This resource is ideal for both the iridologist and any individual who seeks optimum health, wellbeing, and vitality.”

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